Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What Just Happened?

Nah, don't worry, all you faithful readers (cpmprising largey of my various future selves). There was no kidnapping and I survived my exchange program in one solid piece. The problem lies all over the place: The little hours I spend infront of my laptop, the fact that I haven't really get used to shed things about myself, the mundaneness of solitude when you are in your cold cold room, etc.

In short, I just don't like to blog lah. Well, now that i am back in Singapore, I plan to recount my experiences. Hopefully these experiences, now accounted in retrospect, will mean something to me in future.

Missing Donner Kebabs,
S Ang

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Of Friends and Fans

You would have thought that I am a hardcore fan to be able to head to Old Trafford, but you can find hardcore fans everywhere around here. I met a couple of drain-silt removers on my way towards a War Museum near Old Trafford. The guy on the right claims that he had watch Manchester United since he was 11, and for 54 years since then already!

He remembered the Munich Tragedy on the papers as a young boy and swore that Duncan Edwards, the best Manchester United Player ever in his opinion, once hit a penalty so hard that it tore the net! The guy on the left, reveals his Mancunian pride in a much simpler manner. Finding out that a young Singaporean had travelled half a globe just to watch Manchester in action, a really wide grin appears across his face.

At the end of the day though, while Old Trafford is definitely awesome and the passionate atmosphere stunning, I found out more about myself about the real reason why I love football as a sports. It is the company!

Seriously, watching football is not as enjoyable without your friends around you. As for playing football, well, it had been a glue that gel-ed my best bunch of friends together for so long. Before you think I am already starting to miss home, don't worry about me guys...

The bunch of Singhs you always saw on TV accompanied me on this part of my journey.

Glory Glory Man United!

Meet Fred. And so today marks the day a Manchester United fan heads to his Mecca at Old Trafford. Nothing can describe the intense anticipation choking me. I was looking at something straight out of a fairy tale that the television can only relate to me since my youth.

Silly Harry. A loving father who passed all "handsome" genetic codings to his son.

Lao Fer Ye. A true gentleman who signs autograph for everyone. (I wasn't near him enough though.)

Carrick, Park Ji-Sung, Tevez, Nani. Right before your eyes.

Patrice Evra the true gentleman who signed autographs after the match.

See more picture at my picasa album.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

English Premier League


The Scenes where you always see on Angmoh movies and you can't find them in Singapore

Where got liddat in Singapore? MRT running on pedestrian walkways so that train drivers can boast their ego.

Deciduous plants are aplenty in Manchester... Brrr... Sibei kwa(2)

VIctorian Era buildings litters Manchester like chocolate chips on a SUBWAY double chocolate cookie. Did I told you UK only have 60 million people? As it is, their buildings are usually short in stature and anti-elevators.

Political freedom & union power is evident with political and worker unions running roadshows every now and then. I personally think it is easy for this freedom to be wrongfully associated with See-Lang-Kin-na ramblings and its propagation will inevitably produce Nua Kia-s. Sadly, this is what I feel of the British Society.

Blue Magazines in the equivalent of your University Co-ops, demanding "every hole be filled". Your parents will not like this place.

Doha is very yellow

Trust the television! Desert, as portrayed in the numerous Gulf conflicts footages, are really very yellow.

Manchester is an expensive place. With every bite into your lunch, or every sip into your coke, you can feel a part of you aching, dying away in another dimension.

The fantastic view I get from my room every morning. Reminds one of the cover for [Red Sky In The Morning]. I have a programming genius for a brother though, while Red Sky's heroine has a retarded one.

First Post from Mancunia

Sorry my beloved friends for this post long overdued. A lesson to be learnt: Wherever you are heading, you are most probably be piled with administrative sh*t for the most initial period of time. I don't usually keep accounts of my doings (Somehow I find this blog abit of a chore...), so maybe I will kickoff the first week of my stay in Manchester (MANCUNIAN: Mun-chie-si-ter) with some random snippets of my travels.

A note: I was pawned by Swai-Ji. You got me 101% Dulan.